Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back to Bees-ness

Back to the bees and our port fuel tank. If you think you're tired if reading about it, you can imagine our frustration.

To recap briefly, we sailed from Virginia to the BVI and each time we ran the engine on the port tank, it would stall. Over the course of four months we have spent hundreds of dollars trying to determine the cause and repair the issue. A few weeks ago, we found the culprit...a bumble bee. Yesterday we switched to the port tank to make sure it worked. And it did...perfectly. Great...on with the rest of the day.

We had good wind, so we turned off the engine and had a great sail to Grand Anse in Martinique. We turned the engine back on only to motor into the mooring field. I'll give you one guess as to what happened. Nothing...the engine wouldn't work and stalled twice before we switched the fuel feed and return back to the starboard tank and added "troubleshoot port fuel tank" back to the to-do list. 

Later that afternoon, we took the fuel pickup out of the tank hoping to find another bee (easiest answer to this pest of an issue). No bee. Ugh! Baxter went to one end of the fuel line in the lazareete under the cockpit to blow through it just in case there was a clog and I waited on the other end in our cabin with a peanut butter jar to collect the evidence. 

Wouldn't you know it...another bee. Bigger and greasier. I wonder how many more are waiting for us. 
Yeah…another bee.  No matter how frustrating it is, at least it is an easy fix.

Bigger Bee.

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Sabrina and Tom said...

Get out - another bee! Crazy. Maybee you should give up bee keeping while cruising.

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