Thursday, March 20, 2014

Grand et Petit Anse

Big and little bay…

Traveling up and down Martinique's west coast has been great…high on the fave list.

We have spent time in Grand Anse and Petit Anse and St Anne and Marin.  There is something for everyone in each place.  Grand and Petit Anse also had free (yes, cruising friends I said FREE) mooring balls.  The only issue is there is no pennant, so put on your best Plastic Man face and lean over the edge of the bow.  Baxter and I actually switched roles where he picks up the mooring and I drive the boat.  That way I don't go head first into the water while Terrapin drives away.

The anchorage in St Anne has been really nice.  Great wind to keep the wind generator going, sunny days to charge the solar panels and miles of 15 feet deep sand (with a scattering of weeds here and there.)

We will eventually pry ourselves off this french island and head north again…until then "Bon Journee!"
Kala having fun while I check out the starfish from the dock.
Be on the lookout for this - that HUGE obvious fish trap (aka coke bottle) in the center of the picture (sarcasm intended)
This is what happens if you don't see it.
Kicking back in Ste. Anne.

Beware…she might get ya.

Our great lunch shack in Martinique.
Love pomme frites and Lorraine Blonde.

Je t'aime dessert!

Le Roche Diamant

What'd I tell ya about the French and their Amels?

Who says dogs don't snorkel?
Sunset selfie

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