Sunday, March 23, 2014


It seems to be election time here in Martinique.  And the propaganda is as annoying as a presidential election in the U.S, sans tv.

Basically cars are mounted with ENORMOUS megaphones and the driver drives from north to south east to west screaming something in French.  He usually waits until everyone is at home so he will have their undivided attention, around 6 pm and goes until about 10 pm.  Yes, we can hear him loud and clear from the boat and if we weren't so lazy, we might have followed through with our mutterings to track him down and rip that megaphone away from him.  By the way, it's five candidates who apparently are all campaigning this way.  At least that is what I have derived but if anyone else has a better explanation for Megaphone Man, please enlighten me.  


Sabrina and Tom said...

OMG! We saw these in St John's Antigua but not in action. I found it SO interesting but then again...they we not in action. I have really enjoyed talking politics with the locals. At first they seem shy but then when I ask specific questions based on recent internet news...thus showing some true interest and a tad of knowledge, they open up.

Anonymous said...

Same thing they do in Japan

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