Friday, March 21, 2014

Aliments Francais

Not only has our vocabulary changed, but our pantry and refrigerator look a little differnt too.  N'est pas?

So when in Rome….

Rhum Agricole is made from processed sugar cane versus molasses like traditional rum.  It has more of a whiskey/bourbon taste than a sweet taste.  Some of the best and most traditional distilleries are in Martinique.

The Wiki explanation of Rhum Agricole

We also indulged in vegetables which I haven't see in our local Smith's in Utah, including christophene.  Christophene was brought by the early explorers from Mexico and Latin America to the Caribbean.  I think I understand it to be a cross between cucumber/potato/jicama.  I am going to give it a go tonight with a tasty gratin…wish Baxter luck :)

Mix match of veggies.  Christophene is on bottom left.  Peppers are sweet and super hot…mademoiselle made sure to tell me not to confuse them.

Peanut butter pate

Kala mange aliments français aussi.

The nectar named after a volcano.

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Sabrina and Tom said...

We had Christophene back in KS from the Mexican markets. I had it stuffed and baked in St Martin. Yum!

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