Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Few Photos from Deltaville...

After two months, Terrapin is back in the water and we're finalizing repairs and provisioning for the passage to the Caribbean. We're headed to Norfolk tomorrow (Friday) to wait for a weather window to cross the Gulf Stream and onto North Sound, BVI. More to come before we leave but here are a few photos from the last few days...

Kala is taking her bow riding seriously!

I'm scared to tell you how much money is represented in this photo... new furling motor, rebuilt gears, new running rigging and new sails! Whew, our bank account is screaming!

You know you're in trouble when they back the van up to your boat...

With a boat named "Terrapin" you definitely need a sailmaker with a stealie logo!

Wrestling the genoa onto the furler in 10kt winds. Typical, it wasn't windy until we started to put the sails on!

Nice sunset on Jackson Creek.


  1. Bon voyage! Stay warm and safe crossing. We will follow your progress with interest.

  2. Is Kala balancing on the bow? She's got some great sea legs!
    The t-shirts a definite good sign! Your boat looks awesome!!

    1. Thanks Mary! It is so nice to be surrounded by water. It has been unusually warm so it makes it a little easier to work on the boat. Kala just does her bow thing to test me ...

  3. Maybe we will run into you in February? We are bringing Tivoli back from Europe and have North Sound planned as our first stop. Judy & Torben

  4. Hi Judy, So great to hear from you guys and that you are headed this way. It would be great to catch up and hear about your trip to Europe. Safe travels!