Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pinky's Up From Virgin Gorda, BVI

We found an open weather window yesterday afternoon at 2:30 and arrived on the french side of S St Marten, Marigot Bay, and dropped anchor in the dark at 4am. We are happy to be here....meanwhile, please enjoy these photos from the BVI.  While we waited, we snorkeled, took pictures of pelicans and did chores - like refilling water and gas for the dinghy outboard motor.  

More from St Marten soon...

BVI hitchhiker
For the cruiser potluck on Thanksgiving, we made a pasta salad with these fun shapes my mom had made sure I used to provision.
Even though it's just a nurse shark, Baxter was scared to pull his tail.
Cannons right off the reef behind Saba Rock.
Chores....but in water so clear you can see your keel and rudder....not too shabby.


Mary Wootton said...

Yeah St Marten!!! Will you hang there for a couple months???? I guess you'll keep us posted.
What?! No Jackroot for Thanksgiving :(

Katy Syed said...

Love the underwater pics! Let's pray that the water stays that clear for generations to come! Any idea what battle the canons are from or why they are there?

Molly Gillespie said...

There is so much history in the Caribbean....between the Spanish, Portuguese, British and French. I'll try to find more details but for now, let's call it a French ship that was trying to sneak up on Virgin Gorda and hit the reef in the 1800's :)

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