Monday, November 21, 2016

Limin' Around

Since being back on Virgin Gorda, we have been hanging out working on boat projects and waiting for a weather window to travel south to St Martin.  It has been said that the cruising life is about fixing boats in exotic locations...oh yeah...and having lots o' fun in between projects.

By the way - for those who are interested in more details regarding our passage from VA to the BVI, Dan Cross, one of our crew members put together some notes from his journal along with photos/videos.  Click here to read more.

It is so convenient to have Terrapin so close to the beach where Kala likes to swim

Millions of fish in the sea
Wahooooo!  This guy looks pretty big when you're snorkeling next to him and see his teeth
Sunset rub down puts someone right to sleep

Captivated by the flamingo
Jumping off the boat from the rub rail is so fun!


Neighbors who have the biggest house on the block

Selfie with Kala

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Mary Wootton said...

More amazing photos! I need a thesaurus for more adjectives; amazing, awesome, incredible, beautiful.....Love seeing all these pics! I don't think your smiles can get any bigger :) Enjoyed Dan's journal. The videos were cool. How come on your log you enter the date with the day first, rather than the month? Is that sailing lingo???

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