Saturday, November 19, 2016

Beaver Moon

Baxter and I are very grateful that our life is on Terrapin.  When people ask us where we live, we answer – “Currently, we live in the British Virgin Islands.”  Next month, the answer might be “Sint Maarten”.  Alas, our crew, Scott and Dan have lives and wives and children at home and they were ready to see their families.  They both scheduled flights out of Tortola which is very near Trellis Bay, which also happens to celebrate the full moon every month. Baxter and I have never been to that party before so we dropped our mooring ball at Bitter End and headed over to Trellis Bay.  It was a nice relaxing sail and there was a mooring ball waiting for us when we arrived (usually the moorings are taken the day before The Full Moon party).

We sadly said goodbye to Scott and Dan and soon received a radio call that Kim, a girl who had crewed on another boat during the passage was looking for a place to stay for a couple of days.  We picked her up and then found our way over to the Full Moon party that evening.  It was pretty awesome and we were so glad we could experience it.  Early the next morning, we dropped our mooring ball in Trellis and headed to Guana Bay - Kala's favorite beach in the BVI and the closest mooring to Monkey Point, a very cool reef for snorkeling.  

We picked up a mooring, paddle boarded to the beach, and played in the sand.  After lunch we headed over to Monkey Point and snorkeled but the visibility was marginal due to a strong northeast wind - first world problems, I guess.  

We are back in the Bitter End on Virgin Gorda and the other half of the Salty Dawgs (who left Saturday vs our leaving on Tuesday) have arrived and it has been so fun to meet new people, see new boats and start talking about moving down island.  

Fun broad reach to Trellis Bay
Trellis Bay with Terrapin over Baxter's left shoulder
Full Moon Party
Full Moon Party
Guys on stilts representing spirits - Full Moon Party
Fire balls are cool
Guana Bay!!!

Kala's fave!
Digging to's down there somewhere.


Mary Wootton said...

Looks like paradise! And a fun party!!

Mary Wootton said...

And you guys look fantastic!!! :)

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