Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Addition- Companionway Doors

Terrapin has a new exciting addition!  Before we left SLC, we ordered companionway doors that will allow easier access during the day but still lock if we run to shore.  Previously, we had to slide our boards in which worked okay, but this will be much easier and still look nice.  The doors were custom made, since you will notice we have an offset companionway (not in the center of the cockpit) and the top of the door slants from port down to starboard.  They include both plexiglass and screens which will allow ventilation in warm climates and it will keep the cabin warm in cooler climates.

The doors arrived unvarnished and without the hardware in place.  We stowed them during the passage and this week Baxter has been able to find time to varnish and complete the hardware and drilling to get them installed.  

We will still use our boards offshore as a safety precaution, but at anchor, these doors are awesome!
Beginning point with hatchboards.
Making sure the doors fit before applying the varnish
View from in the salon looking out. We still need to add the 1" square teak bar to bridge the gap at the top. 
Finished look with tinted plexiglass inserts in place.

Finished look with screens in place. 
So pretty and functional while maintaining the classic heavy teak look we like so much

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Mary Wootton said...

Someone did a great measuring job! They look beautiful!

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