Monday, September 23, 2013

All Roads Lead to Terrapin.

A week after leaving Salt Lake, we pulled into Liberty Landing Marina! 

We had not heard from the yard in almost a week (though they were supposed to give us a status 5 days before) or the insurance in almost three weeks, so we had headed to the boat on blind faith.  Our expectations ran from the boat could be completely scratched up, electronics trashed from the weather, and batteries dead to the boat could be in the water completely finished and ready to go.  We try to prepare ourselves for all situations, so we can objectively deal with the issues at hand, independent of emotion.  

Terrapin was smiling when we pulled up.  The new shaft was installed and the fiberglass was on.  We still had to see about the engine.  We grabbed a ladder and slowly climbed aboard, slowly pulled back the hatch and went below....the engine was in and for the most part wired.  Only a couple of tasks remain for the yard to complete the repower (exhaust hose and alternator took longer as the engine is a mirror opposite of the original Westerbeke.)  

The weather had cooled off in NJ (down to the high 40s last night) so I pulled a warm sweater out of my closet on the boat as we headed to dinner.  The sweater smelled like's where we want to be and it is a smell of adventure, hard work, and lots of love.

Today will be a busy day with lots more right behind it, but we look forward to it and can't wait to be floating on the water again!

A great day on the farm
She had run all day and was completely exhausted, but still smiling.
Course is set and we are ready to be there.
Kala has grown used to sleeping among "stuff" as we travel along.
Crossing the Delaware River - little different than George Washington's crossing.
$23 dollars in tolls later, they let us in New Jersey.
Pay up sucka!
So excited to be back aboard, even though she is still on the hard.
The white stuff on the back of the keel is the new fiberglass around the shaft
Love this diesel engine!  Now let's crank her up and head out.

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