Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reflecting On The Past but Moving Forward

I was talking to some good friends last night about where we have been and how things have unfolded over just the last seven months and it seems like a wild road trip, but when we take it day-by-day and we consider all the great things we have in our life, we feel so grateful for every single experience.  They all build on each other and take you down a road that you might not have chosen in different circumstances.

In the last two weeks, things for us have really gained momentum.  Kind of like what I imagine it's like being on an AC72 and you start foiling...suddenly all of the resistance is removed and you are flying through the air.

In summary, Terrapin is close to being ready with a new engine and transmission and the wheels are in motion to move back aboard and sail away.  We left Utah Sunday, Sept 15, exactly eight years to the day that we first moved there from Atlanta.  If we think back through all that we have done, places we have been, friends we have made and skills we have learned, we even surprise ourselves.  The way things unfolded and the opportunities we had by living out west have been so rewarding and leave us wanting more adventure.

So, after visits with family and friends along the way, we should be back in NYC later this week. We have fun plans for October, November, and beyond and we are so excited to watch them unfold.

Kala takes a moment to reflect.
Our temporary home in Utah.  It was great, but we prefer Terrapin. 
Loaded and ready to go.
Along the way, my sweet, super cute nieces, Lindsay Claire (left) and Isabelle (right) helped me celebrate my birthday with the best chocolate vegan cake EVER!
Its a long and winding road between Utah and New York.
Back in the south and the cotton fields are ready for picking.
It's great to have friends... 

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