Monday, October 23, 2017

Sailing to Mainland England

The weather and tides worked out the next morning to carry us out of the harbor in St Mary's and then we planned it so we would have favorable current most of the day towards Falmouth.

As expected, there was quite a bit of traffic as we crossed the English Channel towards Falmouth.  We had great wind to sail all the way to the mouth of the harbour.  The sun was shining and it was pretty fun to see mainland England and realize how many sailors in history, including Vikings, Romans, Spanish Armadas, Explorers and legendary sailors who have seen the exact same headlands and cliffs, and had the same tides and currents and navigated the same rocks and overfalls.  The realization that our hard work in prepping Terrapin and crossing the Atlantic to reach this point on the planet was a good feeling - the kind you get when you feel like you have accomplished something special and you'd like to relish in the moment.

So, we managed the cargo traffic around Falmouth, found another green mooring buoy - similar to St Mary's - and secured Terrapin.  Based on all the salty boats around us, this was going to be a great town to explore!

An awesome broad reach through the English Channel with cargo ships less than a mile away
Land Ho!  First views of mainland England!
As we sailed into Falmouth Harbor, we had to mind the cargos.
Pendennis Castle on the west side of Carrick Roads into Falmouth
Terrapin in Falmouth
Baxter checking the mooring lines while Kala supervises

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