Monday, October 2, 2017

Back To The Real World

Now that our land-cation was over, it was back to focusing on sailing.  Our wind instrument had been having issues off and on and Baxter had nursed it along as far as he could.  At this point, it would just need to be replaced.  It is not a critical piece of equipment, but it is nice to know the windspeed on the mast so you can see trends in increases and decreases.  We had ordered a new one before we had left on our trip around Ireland and picked it up on our way back.  Now for the install.  Unfortunately, the winds had picked up so we waited for a calmish day and I winched Baxter up the mast.  Fortunately, it was plug and play so he unplugged the old and plugged in the new and seemed to be doing a great job.  It’s very nice when the easy fix is the answer.

We also had a couple days to enjoy some of our Crosshaven fave’s like the pints at Cronin’s and the breakfast at Grumpy and Wise.  It would be sad to leave this little town and this wonderful country.  We were hoping the UK would be just as nice.
RCYC from 70ft
View of Crosshaven and our windex (the arrow on the mast on the right)
New wind instrument installed - these cups spin in the wind and translate it to our instrument in the cockpit, including speed and direction. 
View of Baxter from the deck (hiding under the dodger so nothing falls on my head and kills me - but don't worry, he is locked off so the line won't slip)
New instrument working well
Best breakfast in Crosshaven, actually in all of Ireland!
The Velvetones at Cronin's

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