Sunday, October 8, 2017

Drake's Pool

While we waited for a weather window, we started to get into a routine of going for a run in the morning and trying to fend off the pounds we had gained eating Irish breakfasts and drinking lots of pints.

On Baxter’s run, he came across Drake’s pool.  This is the very site where Sir Francis Drake hid from the Spanish in 1589.  The bend in the river would allow him to remain hidden as the enemies sailed past into Cork.  When the Spanish left, Drake could wait until they were gone before sailing back down the river.  

Very little has changed on this river except the manmade things around it.  Sailing Terrapin in these places that have thousands of years of history builds perspective and we feel attached to both the stories and the places.
Drake's Pool
Peaceful anchorage

Low tide

Looking towards Crosshaven


Sabrina and Tom said...

Very kewl. Big Drake fan!

Molly Gillespie said...

Drake was a great explorer....they have even more statues and memorials to him here in Plymouth since this was where he left from.

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