Saturday, September 9, 2017

More About The Lusitania

Our bike ride in Kinsale started at Old Head Signal Tower, which happens to be just 20 miles north of where the Lusitania sank.  The tribute to the wreck and the story of the Lusitania was sobering and we were glad that we were able to visit.

A couple things to remember about the significance of this wreck is 1)  It is the reason the US left the Isolationism philosophy and joined the allied forces in WWI and 2) It is still being disputed if the US was in fact smuggling weapons to Great Britain aboard passenger ships as the Germans have claimed was their reasoning for torpedoing the cruise liner.

The wreck of the Lusitania marked by the green circle.  Old Head Signal Tower is due north and the piece of land that juts out (to the left of the word 'Kinsale' on the chart)

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What do you think? Smuggling or not?

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