Saturday, September 23, 2017

Irish Food & Drink

When we crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Spain, instead of Ireland, quite a few encouraging people said "At least the food will be better in Spain".  The food was good, but probably not my favorite.  So I expected Irish food to be bland - maybe the salt shaker would be my friend, maybe everything will be potato this and potato that...that's okay, I like potatoes.  

WOW!  What a great surprise that the food in Ireland is some of the very best I've ever had and will definitely incorporate ideas we've seen into our regular diet.  Take a look for yourselves.  
Eggs Florentine with Irish soda bread

Fish n' Chips with peas o'carse

Salad with toasted brie - and chips (o'carse)
A'cars they have potater chips
More Irish fish n' chips - in this case, very greasy fish and chips
Just like Whole Foods cookie bar
Traditional "Irish brekkie" - without the meat and black pudding
O da pints - dey are tasty, eh?
Pancakes with raspberry chutney - most brekkie comes with a side of beans (baked beans)
Farmers Market dessert table

What? Gin & Tonic with blueberries?  I'm never leaving
When ordering a stout, like Guiness or in this case, Murphy's, it is proper to wait for it to "go black" before you drink it.
Fish Pie - A Kinsale specialty
Stuffed Avocado with salad
Stuffed mushrooms, Risotto, Sweet potato fries, Gin & Tonic with honey brittle
Vegetarian Sausage roll


Mary Wootton said...

Ok, I'm super hungry now! Looks delish!!!

Sabrina and Tom said...

YUMMmmmmm! Chips, chips, chips

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