Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Back to Crosshaven

After being in Kinsale for a week, we decided that if we were going to leave Terrapin for a few days to tour Ireland by land, it would probably be more protected from weather at the Royal Cork Yacht Club in Crosshaven, instead of in Kinsale.  So we sailed the 18 quick miles back to Cork.  This time, the weather was beautiful and it felt great knowing where to go, how the marina works and the best pint at Cronin's.  As we sailed into the harbor, we recognized the large black sails on the other side of Cobh and we had heard Alex Thompson Racing was in town...so we slowly meandered through the harbor to get a closer look.  These boats are uniquely designed and can sail around the world in 75 days...very different from our 16 ton cruising machine but so cool to see on the water.

When we arrived at the RCYC, our plan was to take a bus the next day into Cork City, rent a car at the airport, drive to the chandlery to order a new wind instrument and then leave for a land tour the next morning.  With a few hiccups, our plan went pretty well and we were ready to explore.
Charles Fort as we left the Kinsale Harbor
The sun breaking through the clouds as the sailboats move east through the Celtic Sea along the southern coast of Ireland

Happy to be sailing again
Members Only - or Visiting Members - at the RCYC

Watching Hugo Boss on a calm day in Cork
Terrapin vs Hugo Boss
Great spot in Crosshaven
Pick a car, any car

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