Thursday, February 27, 2014


We left St Maarten yesterday and we have had such great experiences here, we will certainly miss it.

We didn't snorkel or dive. We didn't play on long white sandy beaches like the BVI or St Barth's, but we made so many friends here, some going north, some going south, some staying in SXM.  We hope to stay in touch with them for years to come.

We had a couple new adventures before we left including two more 5+ hour hikes. Again, led by Mark on S/V Sea Life. These involved a lot more people and a variety of landscapes from rain forests to rocky beaches. 

Since many of the cruisers are heading out, there was a party at the Pink Iguana Monday night. It was a great opportunity to bid fair winds and exchange contact info so we can stay in touch and hopefully meet back up with some of our new friends.

Leaving the Dutch Lagoon kept us busy for a few hours with a stop at Simpson Bay marina in the big boat and then re-anchoring to run by customs in the little boat, then pulling up the anchor to make the 10:30 bridge (or being stuck inside until 4pm.)

We are heading south, going to where ever there is a good wind angle. It has become a normality for us to beat into 25+ knot winds and 7+ ft seas.  Let's hope that starts changing.

Northeast side St Martin

High above the rocky beach.

Where do shells come from?  As we walked along, it sounded like wind chimes playing.

From rocky beaches to rain forests - St Marteen has it all.

Bonus!!  Vegan Cheese & Butter.

The Pink Iguana...

Jen & John on Aeesha (Bermuda), Robin on Heidi (Canada) and Jo and John on Out of Africa (Cape Town)

Mike on Right Turn and Sabrina & Tom on Honey Ryder!!

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