Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mission(s) Accomplished

We arrived in St Maarten knowing we would be at the dock for approximately 10 days and we would have numerous projects on the to-do list.  We have been here for nine and will probably be casting off the lines this weekend.

We are proud of the teamwork we put forward and all the items we crossed off the list (with the help of others, of course…)

To mention a few of the projects:
*  All chain plates removed, replaced, and reinstalled.
*  New standing rigging.
*  New staysail furler (this is a HUGE difference for our offshore sailing plan - adding a smaller (staysail) sail for heavy weather conditions.  The benefit of the furler is we will not have to go forward on the bow to raise the sail - we can do so from the cockpit.
*  Changed the luff on the staysail from "hanks" to a bolt rope so it can be put on a furler.
*  I made spray cloths for the life lines.  These help keep salt water out of the cockpit while offshore.  Our previous spray cloths were old and still had an outline of old racing numbers.
*  A print from Trellis Bay, BVI framed and hung on wall to make the cabin feel cozy.
*  Pins replaced in main furler (huge repair as we have had issues with this and were nervous about it in heavy weather.)
*  New dorade box made and wood maker gave us a new dorade - for free (usually about $600.)
*  Hydraulic back stay seal replaced and tested for tension.
*  Rigging inspected and tuned.
*  New mast boot.
*  Grab rails on deck sanded and re-varnished.

BEFORE:  Old spray cloths (above the name.)  You can see the racing number (321…)
AFTER:  New "Molly-made" spray cloths.  Not perfect, but better.
BEFORE:  Old chain plates removed and ready for inspection.
AFTER:  Ohhhh Shiny new chain plates.
BEFORE:  Deck grab rails with peeling varnish and exposed teak.

AFTER:  Deck grab rails after 5 coats of varnish.  
Lagoonies - the bar next door to the boat yard where beer is $1 - Diet coke is even more than that.  

North Sails St Maarten - Tropical Sail Loft (just happens to be above Lagoonies).  They helped us out with the staysail conversion and extra material for the spray cloths.  They also offered very valuable free advice.

Our home for the last 10 days - FKG dock.  We moved around a few (5 times to be exact) times but the same general area. (Steve will be happy to see the a/c running!!!)
New polished chainplate (right side of frame) and print we picked up in Trellis Bay, BVI which we had framed in St Marteen.

We still have some clean up to do on the bedding and stantion but we love the shiny look of the new rigging!


Kate Jacquemin said...

The Staysail furler will be huge! Give the power and balance needed instead of the engine in bad weather. She looks great!!!

Molly Gillespie said...

Thanks Katie! Since winds have rarely been below 25kts since we've arrived, it will be nice to choose between the genoa and the staysail. Whenever you and Luis would like to check out the new digs first hand, let us know :)

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