Wednesday, February 12, 2014

St Barthelemy

Named after his brother, Bartolomew, Christopher Columbus landed here on his second trip to the new world. Somehow the French took it over from the Spanish in the 1600s and then they gave it to Sweden in exchange for port rights in Gothenbrug, Sweden.  In the 1870s-ish, the French bought it back from Sweden.  Confused?  Basically - it's tres French with a Swedish feel.

This island is clean, fun and tres riche!! After looking around the crowded anchorage in Gustavia and trying to find a spot between the mooring balls (moorings and anchors don't mix) we chose to move over to Anse de Colombier and pick up a free mooring. It is more protected from the east and we don't have to worry about others dragging on top of us. The beautiful beach and views are just a bonus.

We plan to spend almost a week here celebrating Baxter's birthday hiking, snorkeling and St Barth'ing.

Navigating around the mega yachts into Gustavia.

Port de Gustavia
French islands don't mind les chiens.

With prices like this, we will live on baguettes alone.

Since we are a considerable distance from the port, we needed gas for the dinghy.  This boat delivered it to St Barth's who then delivered it to us.

Breakfast in the cockpit is the best!
But a snack of croissants & nutella at Le Bar de L'oubli (The Forgotten Bar) is pretty tasty
Le Select - serving the original "Cheeseburger in Paradise".  Rumor is Jimmy Buffett just sometimes randomly shows up.
Sunsets on the water can't be put into words.
Très Riche!  Docks of mega yachts.
Our neighborhood - Terrapin over Baxter's left shoulder in back.

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