Saturday, June 8, 2013

NYC and Jersey City

We have been in Jersey City for almost a week, pending an analysis of our options with the engine and analyzing the best choices for the boat, our family and the places we would like to go.  

In the meantime, we have had the opportunity to meet up with friends and family.  There are worst places to be "stuck".  Of course, there are a lot less expensive places to be stuck as well. 

Last week, we navigated our way around the NYC subway system to Brooklyn and had dinner with cousins Sarah Hope and Annie; took a trip down memory lane with Steve through Washington Square Park and walked through the World Financial District with Fletcher.  Right in our marina's (Liberty Landing Marina) backyard is Liberty State Park where my grandmother, after being processed through immigration on Ellis Island, caught the train in 1912 to find her way to Detroit - where in turn she met my grandfather...and so on, and so on. 

The issues with the boat are stressful and a financial burden, so being able to get off, even for a couple of hours helps us to clear our head and changes our perspective.  Oh yeah, Tropical Storm Andrea also paid us a visit but all the wind had dissipated and we only had rain (lots and lots o'rain) to deal with.  All of a sudden, boat leaks don't seem to bother us too much.

Fletcher and Baxter in front of the East River
Baxter's cousins, Annie & Sarah Hope in Brooklyn
The Manhattan skyline from Liberty Landing Ferry.
The oldest bar in NY.  It's where George Washington took his men after signing the Declaration of Independence.
Washington Square Park
Steve's Stoop.  He spent lots of time hanging out, and getting arrested, here in 1968.
Having fun on the ferry with the new World Trade Center in the background.
Liberty Train Station.  Where my grandmother bought a ticket to Detroit in 1912. Kala is impressed.
The platforms at Liberty Train Station.  Imagine the rows upon rows of platforms with immigrants waiting to find their dream in America....somewhere.
The signs inside the train station read "Ferries ->" and "<-Trains".  I guess the immigrants could pick their future based on these little red signs.
The remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea.  Let's hope this is as close as we get to hurricanes this season.


Frank Davis Photography said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the engine! We too were stuck at Liberty Landing for an extended time a few years back. Our stay had much less financial impact however as we were just waiting for a series of hurricanes to clear the coast before we could head South. Liberty Landing is not a bad place to be stuck! As I recall, there is a nice science museum within walking distance and, as you've discovered, easy transportation to Manhattan. There were also some nice neighborhood restaurants just a quick ferry ride over to Jersey City. Sorry we just missed you when we returned to Norview. We were stuck at home at the mercy of house painters who seemed to have no motivation. I think we returned just a couple of days after you left. Best of luck with the engine repair. Hope it goes well and cheaply!

Frank, Cindy and Sugar
Salty Acorn

Cindy M said...

Molly, Sorry to hear about the engine. Hope it gets resolved quickly for you. I enjoyed reading about your visit to Ellis Island and the train station. While Frank and I were in Liberty Landing, just waiting for better weather, I went to Ellis Island too and looked up my grandmother, who was also processed there, I think about 1916, just a little after your grandmother. I cried when I went there. They were so brave to leave their homes in hopes of a better life. I loved seeing all your pictures. Be safe.

Cindy, Salty Acorn II - Kala is looking good!!!

Molly said...

Hi Frank & Cindy, Sorry to have missed you in Deltaville. How is Salty Acorn? Any trips planned? Thanks for the encouraging words. We will check out the Liberty Science Center this week - I saw the building but didn't know much about it, so I appreciate the suggestion. Cindy, both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy (much like most of the marinas around Sandy Hook), so I was only able to visit the train station, which also has a fence around it, and that was still inspiring. I could only imagine a full tour. Stay in touch. Give hugs to Sugar from us!

All the best -

Molly, Baxter & Kala

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