Monday, June 3, 2013

Black Monday

Today was judgement day for our Westerbeke 58. Just like "Black Monday" in 1987 when the global stock market lost a tremendous amount of value in one day, Molly and I lost a shit-ton of money today. We got the bad news from a nice diesel technical named Emad who came to the boat before lunch to test the W58 and see if the cancer was truly terminal. It was.

We are now facing a lot of options. We have to repower Terrapin, there is no choice. Do we use the Beta 60 which is a marinized Kubota or the Yanmar 4JH5E which is more expensive but a really nice engine. Do we repower here in Liberty Landing Marina and get part time jobs in New York City or sail back to Deltaville with no engine and have the job done less expensively?

Big decisions and a number of liability questions yet to be answered. There is no sugar coating this, we are a bit frustrated but are up to the test that is boat ownership and full time cruising. This is going to be a financial hit but we are strong and will make it work somehow...

Just to prove that we have not lost our sense of humor, high tide brought a used condom to the boat. A gift from NYC for the screwing we're getting?

This is how we really feel, though. We do love us some adventure! 

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