Saturday, June 29, 2013

Meanwhile, Back At The Farm...

While Terrapin undergoes major repairs, we have left her in the skilled hands of the professionals and we are spending time with family and friends.  We cannot stay on the boat for a number of reasons including no water, no electricity, no internet, and hauling Kala at 70 lbs up a ladder is a bit challenging.

We are enjoying our time immensely and even though we are far away, we find ourselves spending most days planning our route across oceans and to beautiful anchorages.  We have hope and that makes all the difference.
Have you ever taken a ride on a Mule?
Homegrown moss to create our own topiaries.
Fun playing in the dirt...not a lot of this stuff offshore.
Family Farm Fun
Slip 'n Slide (Yes, Kala participated)
An intense meeting of the minds (Baxter and his Dad)

Baxter and his nephews - who are yes, too young to drink...
Shooting Targets

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