Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sew What?

While Baxter and Steve do battle with the lows and the Gulf Stream (latest position is surfing north in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Daytona), Kala and I are staying busy in Deltaville.  As I've mentioned, I never learned to sew, never took Home Ec, and never had the desire to learn - until I found out how much cockpit cushions were going to cost.

My first project was the binnacle cover (binnacle aka helm aka wheel and pedestal) and we'll just say it looks like a first project.  It will do for now, but it will need to be redone once I understand exactly what I am doing.  Today I made a cover for the outboard motor and the windlass (motor that brings up the anchor).  These covers are just to help keep salt and spray off the moving parts so they'll last a little bit longer and don't get corroded.  Again, they will work for now - I'm learning as I go.

The companion way (stairs down to the cabin) on Terrapin are rather steep and deep.  We don't want Kala to spend years pounding on her paws (shoulders, back, etc...) jumping up and down, not to mention the claw marks from her holding on for dear life.  So, while Baxter is gone we needed an alternative to lifting her up.  I found a great ramp on and it was cheaper than any pet supply store and free shipping!!  The first time Kala saw it, she looked at us like "What is that thing for because I'm not going near it".  I wouldn't say it's her favorite thing in the world yet, but she loves the treats she gets every time she uses it.  Of course, nothing can replace the lift she gets from her daddy, but this will do for now.


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