Saturday, May 4, 2013

Passage Update

Baxter and Steve left Marathon yesterday afternoon.  Baxter said there was a low pressure system off the coast that looked like it might force them to "duck in"to Ft Lauderdale to avoid.  I have not been able to talk to Baxter but tracking him on shows Chandara's location off the coast near Boynton Beach, FL - still moving north at around 8 kts!  At that speed, they will be in Deltaville around Wed or Thurs.  

I had this all typed out and then I looked at the weather off the coast of FL - pretty nasty.  Looking forward to Monday when it gets a bit calmer.  

Moving north.  All of the other items are boats - you can see how busy S. FL can be and why a vigilant watch is so critical.
This is the grib for today at 2 pm, off the coast of FL.  As you can see...pretty high winds.  The flags show the speed and wind direction - the winds are coming from the "arrows" and moving in the direction of the line.  The speed is 10 kts for a full bar and five for a half.  
Looking a little better around Cape Hatteras on Monday at 2 pm.

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