Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week in Waukegan

We left Atlanta Tuesday, expecting a 12-hour drive to Waukegan, but alas traffic, that annoying metropolitan nemesis, drew it out to 15 hours and we were exhausted, though overwhelmingly excited to see Terrapin the next day.

Since arriving, we have been moving forward at full speed completing the following list of projects:

1) Break up ice and snow on cover
2) Meet with yard owner and organize the shipping preparations
3) Remove winter cover from boat (re: Opening our own beautifully-wrapped present)
4) Purchase and stow new Monitor wind vane
5) Meet with Alan (previous owner) and discuss boat systems
6) Remove wood frame and pvc supports throughout deck
7) Label cabling in mast and prepare it to be removed.
8) Remove spreaders, stays and shrouds (standing rigging).
9) Remove running rigging.
10) Secure all rigging to mast with foam insulation and duct tape.
11) Remove hard dodger (hardest part was lowering it off the boat).
12) Remove dorades and replace with face plates

We still have three more days left in Waukegan with quite a bit left to do, including stowing and securing the contents in the cabin.  

Everyday the boat just gets better and better and we look forward to the day Terrapin is in the water.

Leaving Madison, Georgia with our current home and garage in tow.
Removing the storm cover to see the boat in the sunlight for the first time.
Pulling the mast.
Kala helps too! 
Removing all the standing and running rigging. Stowing it on the mast for transport.
Molly enjoying the balmy 32 degree weather.
Big boat, little Molly.

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