Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Terrapin: any of various aquatic turtles; var: Terrapin Station: The ninth album released by the Grateful Dead in July 1977. The last line of the song reads "...the compass always points to Terrapin"

After traveling across 15 states and driving over 4,000 miles, we found our Terrapin. We have sold our truck, our house in UT and have been living in our van or with family and friends. Beginning tomorrow, we move into the next phase of this adventure and head towards Waukegan, IL to prepare Terrapin for the transport to Deltaville, VA. It will be a lot of work but a great way for us to become familiar with her.

Baxter and I always try to focus on the current moment since no one can be certain of what the future holds, but we do have so many ideas of where we're headed and what we want to do which are really fun to think about!  Even working on boat projects will be great because it's like paying for your adventure ticket.  Whatever happens, we are excited and learn more everyday through the experiences. We have made new friends and can't wait to see what happens next.
Did you say you would like a tour of our home?  Here you go.  Any questions?
Oliver, Lindsay Claire, RJ, Todd, Isabelle and Sherri offered their apt as a place to stay in Denver.  
Molly's Mom, Katy & Sara on Boca Grande the first day we arrived in FL. 

Steve on Chandara with his bird repeller 
Getting our sea legs back aboard Chandara.
Seeing Sherri again in Sarasota was a bonus!
Bryson, NC (NOC) visiting Frank at the Lawson's cabin.
Thank you Walmart for a friendly campground for so many nights on the road.
Kala with her Granddaddy
Heading north to pickup Terrapin.

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Stella Blue said...

Good luck and drive safely! We're going in the water on Friday then heading out Tuesday morning. We are so ready.


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