Monday, March 18, 2013

Waukegan Winter Weather

When we left Salt Lake, we decided we could stash all our winter gear in the bottom of the trailer...not necessary for years since we were headed to sunny, warm Florida.  After a chilly Atlanta, we thought, okay we can tough this out - we made it through seven winters in Utah, but the weather in Waukegan has us digging through boxes and strategically-packed gear for gloves, hats and heavy jackets.

Honestly, we knew it was still winter - but it's March...spring is on the way, right?  Waukegan didn't get the memo.  The windchill has not been above 30 since we've been here with an average of about 18 degrees.  Originally, we were supposed to be loading the boat today and heading to Deltaville, VA but there was another winter storm with another 2" of snow so it was postponed until tomorrow.  No big deal, but getting boat projects completed, like cleaning out a grungy bilge, while you can see your breath smoking in the frosty air of the cabin, is not as fun as you might imagine.  

All this cold, wet weather has made it difficult for me to think about sailing to Maine, Sweden or anywhere north of Florida.  Please remind me of this post when I'm complaining about it being too hot.

I couldn't make this stuff up.
Dirty, nasty bilge water
No more dirty, nasty bilge water
It filled two full jugs
This happened in less than an hour
Our deck is not that white...that's a fluffy snow cover

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