Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More About Lunenburg...

So if you're ever north of Maine, it is definitely worth a trip to check out Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  In fact, I even called my sister and suggested she should move here.  There's something for everyone and the summer months are gorgeous.
Colorful buildings - beautiful harbor - everything in walking distance
Ironworks distillery - pretty awesome tour.  In a building that was a blacksmith shop for almost 100 years.
The still that does most of the work.  We took home a bottle of the Rhubarb Espirit.  
The local daysail charter schooner, "Eastern Star"
If we're near land, we most likely are working on an issue.  In this case, it was the auto pilot.  Hopefully, problem solved.

Fun dinghy rides
Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic - How to make fish sticks...
Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic - this is an exhibit of the currents around Nova Scotia and Newfoundland as they come down from Greenland, Labrador and the North Pole.

I think I know where they can find this guy
Wooden boat building is alive and well in Lunenburg, NS
The coolest pub - The Knot.  You could almost miss it if you weren't paying attention.
Forty sculptures line Lincoln and Montague street with varieties of fish and even a mermaid.  This is a sculpin outside The Knot Pub.
The boat launch
More wooden schooners

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Isn't this town a sponsor of Antigua Classics Week or some such?

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