Friday, July 7, 2017

Liferaft Service

We purchased our Winslow life raft in 2012 and it was time to have it inspected and re-packed.  Since it is not something to skimp on, we made one of our stops in Rhode Island at LRSE, Life Raft Survival Equipment.  We decided to take the raft there instead of mailing it so we could see it opened and talk about the details.  

Scott at LRSE was extremely thorough and walked us through every inch of the life raft and all the items that are included.  The service potentially could have taken up to a week but Scott was so nice, understood our tight schedule and worked very hard to make an exception and get us out the door in a matter of hours.  We recommend LRSE without a doubt to anyone who needs a life raft serviced.  In any case, wherever you have your life raft repacked, everyone should definitely participate in the repack of their own life raft so they don't have to figure out things that are not obvious while their boat is sinking.  

What it looks like under the hard case.
After the cylinder triggers the inflation.
Discussing the boarding ladder and the tools inside the raft
Our raft has an interior light as well as a beacon on the outside top.
The righting straps and water ballasts.  The righting straps (blue lines) are used if the raft turns upside down and the pockets (ballasts) fill with water to keep the right from turning over.
The flares and the repair kits...again nothing you want to use but don't want to figure out while its happening.
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Sabrina and Tom said...

Good stuff. Where is the heater? We have to have our serviced for the first time. I want to see as well. It should be interesting.

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