Monday, June 5, 2017


It was a strange "feeling" to be at a dock - in the US - with a proper grocery store less than a mile away from the boat, that is walking distance and it was hard to believe.  We were also lucky enough to get to Virginia in time to have dinner with my sister Sherri, who lives in Colorado but was in Virginia for work.  She and her friend Jeanie drove to Hampton to visit Terrapin and have dinner with the four of us.  It was a nice evening as we slowly adjusted to land life.

The next day, Dan and Francine, who had been aboard Terrapin since the BVI, decided it was probably time to return to Wisconsin.  The four of us had such great experiences together from the BVI to Cuba and up the east coast of the US, so it was sad to say goodbye.

As Dan and Francine left for Wisconsin, Baxter, Kala and I drove to see family in North Carolina and Atlanta.  It was great to catch up, celebrate birthdays in person, and go faster than 8 knots in a car.  We actually traveled 600 miles in 9 hours - on Terrapin that would take about 4-5 days.

It is going to be a busy summer but it was definitely off to a great start!

Still having sundowners on the boat, even if we're back in the US.  Francine on far left, Baxter, Dan, Jeanine (hidden behind Sherri) and Sherri
Dinner with Sherri and our friend, Jeanie, who also lives in VA.
Sad to say Goodbye.
Being on a boat for a long time means lots of stuff and presents to take home...two dock carts of luggage.  
Reunited in Hampton, VA
Dinner with some great Salty Dawgs - Fred & Dorothy on Aviva (next to Baxter and I), then Hank and Seale on Flash in back right and Rick and Julie on Archer in front right.
Sampling the flites at New Belgium Brewery in Asheville, NC with my sister Lauri
So many choices...
As soon as we are settled, you know who says it's time to go paddle boarding and you have to listen to the boss.
We went bearing gifts...Cuban cigars, Che Guevara hat and Cuban rum for Baxter's Dad.
Just in time to celebrate Baxter's Mom's birthday!

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