Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hot and Cold

Somehow, like in some magical fashion, in the last month Baxter has managed to find time to install not only a new Dometic AC unit and Webasto heater, but he also removed the old AC compressor that was original with the boat (from 1982).  If you read the previous blog post, you'll know that he barely had two days to focus on the installs (and removal) where we weren't driving somewhere.  

But he did it and it is amazing!!  I feel so spoiled as I type this on a 90 degree day with 100% humidity in Virginia while the cabin on the boat is a nice 78 degrees....and when we're offshore and it's in the 30s outside, we'll have heat in the cockpit, in our cabin and in the salon - roasty toasty!

This was my view most of the time...glad he's flexible.
The new AC - signed, sealed and delivered
So pretty...but where do you start with the install...
New heating vent in the cockpit
The holes in the cabinetry that Baxter had to drill.  
Running the ducting through a boat means 3" diameter holes in very small spaces - without disrupting what is already in place.
The heater install also required a new thru hull (hole in the boat).  No one likes drilling holes in their boat.
This is the inside of the thru hull - the hole in the picture above is to the right over Baxter's head in this picture.  Again, a nice, tight space for him to work in.
The finished thru hull...nice and shiny (and tightly sealed)

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