Wednesday, March 29, 2017


We arrived in the BVI and waited out the "wind event of the season".  Once they settled below 30 kts, we headed to some of the best diving sites in the BVI.  Our only issue was that the BVI is "mooring town" and we did not want to pay $35 every single night to pick up a ball - we'd prefer to anchor.  So we found the best spots to drop the hook and then we were off to explore....

We dived Angelfish Reef in Privateer Bay, Pelican Island near The Bight on Norman Island, White Bay in Peter Island, Dead Chest West on Dead Island, and Blue Chromis Reef near Cooper Island - enough to call this week Scuba-ganza!!  With tank fills readily available at local dive shops, it was a great way to spend some time in the BVI.

Ready-set.... with turtles

Scuba selfie
Blending in with the coral

Swimming through trenches

Checking on the anchor (shadow of Terrapin in background)

Dinghy full of F-U-N!

Exploring caves

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