Monday, January 30, 2017

Antigua Continued....

After dealing with flies in Jolly, Deep Bay and Five Islands, we decided to venture to a little south and anchored in Falmouth Harbour.  Falmouth is a short walk to English Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard (as in Horatio Nelson).  Lots of history and cool relics that are still in use today.

While we were on the boat one afternoon, our friends Malcolm and Elia on Orion went by looking for a spot to drop the hook.  It was great to see them since our last rendezvous was in the BVI in November.  We spent a couple days hanging out with Malcolm and Elia hiking, playing music and going to the Shirley Heights party on Sunday.  

The next day, Patty and Peter on Seredipitous was in the anchorage...that night Orion, Terrapin, and Nomad were all invited over to Toodle-O! with Bill and Laurie who needed us to help them "mop up" a bag of wine that had broken during a passage.  Oh, yeah, everyone was happy to participate.  Also, there was Tom and Susan on Nomad and it was great to make new friends and share a toast together!

As the weather was abating, it was time for us to say goodbye and sail to Guadeloupe to pick up Molly's Mom and Sister.  Patty and Peter even stopped by to lend us a fender step to help if needed with boat access...the people you meet cruising are truly kind and so thoughtful!

Looking north into Falmouth. Terrapin is left of center. 

The inlet into Falmouth on a beautiful calm day.

Many parts of the island is inhabited by goats...the new babies were so adorable...Elia considered taking one as a birthday present.
Hiking with our sailing friends from S/V Orion. English Harbour is in the background which lies to the east of Falmouth about 1nm.

A better view of the inlet to English Harbour which encompasses Nelson's Dockyard a very famous naval yard and UNESCO Historical Site.

Some of the yachts in English. 

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