Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A picture is worth 1,000 words

Sailing by the Star Clipper Cruise Ship (from top of a wave)
Same picture from bottom of the wave - notice you can't see the 20 ft hull of the ship
Antigua sunset - waiting for the green flash
Anse de Colombier - Terrapin just to left of rock and Ile Forchue in background, St Marten in far background.
Leaving St Barth's...all those white dots are the dozens of mega yachts clambering for an anchor spot on NYE
One of ??(we lost count) squalls
After squalls, come rainbows....this one over St Kitts (we are on the leeward/ behind the island side) as we made our way to Nevis
Heading to anchor in Nevis for the night.  Christopher Colombus named Nevis "Nostros Senoras de los Nevis" or Our Lady of the Snows after the cloud that is usually over the top of the mountain.
Beautiful schooner as a neighbor in Nevis
Sailing to Montserrat...you can see the volcano is still smoldering more than a decade after the first eruption and seven years since the last.
The view of Montserrat (you can see the bottom edge on the left side of the picture) as we sailed to Antigua 

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