Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Few Photos from Life in Utah

It was 45 degrees at 11,000' when we went running through the aspens.

Is the GoPro on?

Third pitch of one of our favorite climbs in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Will this be our new home? Guess we will have to wait until September 30th to see!

What climbs up must rappel down...unless you can BASE jump that is...

Over looking Desolation Lake at 10,000'

Oktoberfest in August at Snowbird. 

Kala is still enjoying the mountain hikes!

Baxter's daily north-bound commute home.

Happy days at Porcupine!

Kala can't hold still for a family photo!

Chasing down speedy Molly...

Still chasing Molly!
Yes, we're biking A LOT and Molly loves her Yeti.

Tasty vegan pizza.

Can work be all that bad if you can wear a tie dye? This was just to celebrate Jerry Garcia's birthday and "the days between".

This reminds me of the phone book scene in the Steve Martin movie "The Jerk".

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