Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hurricane Season Fun!

As we sat on Terrapin in Deltaville, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay we realized that we had two choices for spending hurricane season: 1) Sail to Maine and work remotely from the anchorage and make some money or 2) Put Terrapin on the hard and drive to Utah and go to an office every day (for the same companies that allowed us to work remote) and really contribute to the cruising kitty.

When our air conditioner went out, Kala's vote was cool mountain air...

It is amazing how fast we were able to rejoin the working world.  Life is great, everyone is so happy and our future is filled with dreams of adventure to come!

Here's the last two months in photos...

Terrapin all covered up and ready to weather out hurricane season in Deltaville, Va.

Looks like someone is happy to be back in the mountains hiking her favorite trails!

Since we are a one car family, we decided to pass the Sportsmobile on to someone who would enjoy it more and to get a fuel efficient, sleek Subaru Outback adventure wagon. We're stoked!
What would time in Utah be without a little BASE jumping. This is Baxter's shadow on the cliff he just jumped.

All dressed up and ready to go to the offices. 

We have been lucky enough to see Bob Weir in a lot of venues. We had only been back in SLC for a few weeks when his solo band "Rat Dog" came through town.

Baxter's Yeti in the Colorado snow at 12, 500

The app "Strava" has been addictive, just like playing with sailing data. Strava mapped one of Baxter's rides above the Colorado town of Durango. We're now riding harder and faster.

Salt Lake has a fantastic rail commuter system. Here is the train Baxter takes to work.

We've had fun catching up with friends!

...and have been able to see Ted, Maggie & Chessie as they passed through Salt Lake on their way back to the east coast. We haven't seen them since the Bahamas on Stella Blue and we're not able to make it to their wedding due to last Summer's "engine adventure" so catching up with them was GREAT!

Molly rally-ing (bro speak) her Yeti on the trails close to our apartment.

Kala and Molly have been spending lots of time connecting with their friends!

Baxter's ride on the Wasatch Crest Trail this weekend. The trail traverses the ridge between Salt Lake and Park City.

We've been running in a weekly trail run series after work. The runs have been very brutal as they are at ski resorts, start at 8000' altitude, and are over 8 miles in length with A LOT of elevation gain. 

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