Monday, June 2, 2014


After making landfall at Brunswick Landing Marina, it has not taken us long to reconnect to the world beyond Terrapin.  In less than one week, we have been able to visit with family, access free wi-fi from the boat, do laundry for free, and Kala has been able to run on terra firma as many times per day as she would like.  We also are plugged into shore power and have free water at our disposal as needed.

Though these amenities have high value, I'm sure it won't take long for us to be overcome with the complexity of it all, the cost of it all and want to break free and get back on the water.

Sarah and Jimmy giving us a warm welcome to Georgia!!

We love all boats!!  Helping Jimmy with a boot stripe.

Great to be enjoying family in person!  (The lady in the back doesn't seem to be too thrilled...just disappointed she wasn't invited to our party!)

Another road trip!  Wonder where we're going this time.

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Clubtray Sailing said...

Home is where the anchor drops!

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