Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How Far We've Come

The other day,  I happened to look at my watch and realized it was June 2.  What were you doing last year on June 2? 

As I thought about it for a minute, I realized in 2013, Baxter and I were in Jersey City, NJ – across the Hudson from the new WTC, and had arrived just the day before via Sea Tow, on a boat that we had sailed for less than 7 hours before the engine died. 

We were pretty frustrated and faced with the question of “Do we sell the boat…how can we without an engine?”…”How much is this going to cost?”…”How do we make money to pay for this?”…”Will we ever sail this boat to fun places?” but then we made a commitment to Terrapin and ourselves to chase our dreams....
New rigging and new engine took us 2,000 miles south of New York.  Putting our feet up in St Anne, Martinique was a fantastic way to relish in our achievement.


Anonymous said...

Gail and I are glad you did make the commitment. If you hadn't we would have never met you. We enjoyed talking with you as we kept running into each other at various Caribbean islands.

Paul & Gail
s/v Brown Eyed Girl
Bavaria 40

Molly Gillespie said...

We are so glad we had the opportunity to meet you guys!! Hopefully, we'll meet up again soon.

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