Thursday, May 8, 2014

Never Boring

Having spent a great month in Antigua, it was time to get moving.   Unfortunately, our forecast for the passage to the Azores was squally and high(er) winds, so the crew decided it might be fun to run up to another island and see new things while we waited for the Tropical Wave in the Atlantic to move on.

As we sailed out of Jolly Harbor headed towards St Barth’s, about ten big dolphins danced on our bow and led the way north.  We were on a run with light and variable winds at 8 kts apparent from 180 degrees.  We haven’t seen those conditions in the seven months since we have been in the Caribbean.  

The slow motor sailing gave us time for fun projects, including raising the spinnaker for the first time on Terrapin.  When we bought Terrapin, there was a traditional spinnaker so we had that cut/modified to an asymmetrical by North Sails while we were in Antigua and it was fun to watch it fly.  The spinnaker material is very delicate, which helps it inflate in light air, but it started to slap when we surfed down a wave, so we decided to bring it back down, since we didn’t want to rip it the first time we used it.  The process was good practice and we were able to implement a workable, repeatable system when we’re ready to deploy it again.

Soon after bringing in the spinnaker, Baxter and John spotted three whale spouts in the distance…and then they were gone.  We watched for quite a while since surely they have to come back up at some point, but they eluded us.  It is always such a nice peaceful feeling knowing these beautiful creatures are out there.

We woke up last night to 30kts of wind in the mooring field with higher gusts and rain. Wow, we’re really glad that we listened to the weather router and didn’t leave for the Azores until this low passes.

Until then, Welcome to St Barthelemy John and Daniel!

She's a beauty!

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Gorgeous! Im so glad to see this shot!

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