Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Azores…

…we had a realization that it's not about the destination.  It's about making yourself happy.

We left St Barth's heading out on a 2,100 mile passage to the Azores and afterwards we planned for  another 1,200 miles to Ireland.  Our forecast was okay - not perfect but it's a long passage and that's the best you can ask for.  As we were 100 miles offshore and close hauled at about 35 degrees off the wind, making 4 kts, with gusts up to 35 kts, we realized that we were heading to Bermuda - almost northwest instead of sailing northeast towards the Azores.  There were also two gales forecasted for the North Atlantic.  We decided that instead of fighting the weather for the next three weeks, we would make ourselves happy and go where the wind blows us, which seemed to be around the Bahamas and back to the US.  With a sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer, it would be nice to be around family and friends again.  The further we went west and the more Baxter and I embraced the change of plans, the more we looked forward to all the fun possibilities and adventures the summer would offer.

On a sad note, but one that reinforced our decision to go west, one of the boats we met in Antigua that was also going to the Azores and that we spoke to the crew at length about the passage, Cheeki Rafiki, was found capsized with the keel missing and the liferaft intact on the deck and no crew members found. We really feel for the crew and their families. 

Our passage was fantastic!!  Downwind sailing at it's best with only one truly squally day and only 1-2 light air days.  I think I wore the crew out saying over and over "I could do this for months" or "…now this is my kind of sailing" or "wow…Do we ever have to make landfall?"

I will let the pictures do the talking for the 12-day, 1,400 nautical miles.  Enjoy the ride - we sure did!
Leaving Anse de Colombier, St Barth's.  May 11, 2014 at 13:30.

Fun times ahead...
Terrapin crew owning the cockpit and everything is under control.
Now this is more like it!
A view from the office.
Our beautiful spinnaker at work again.
On a long passage…different selfie views are fun!!
Can you believe how beautiful this is?  We are so fortunate to experience the ocean this way.
Terrapin on a beautiful downwind sail.
Motion of the ocean causing the blur.  Happy Kala waking up from her nap.

Happy crew with spicy mustard chickpeas and spinach for dinner.

Chilly morning in the North Atlantic.
The locals showing us the way.
Sometimes it IS all sunshine and daisies.
Kala and the Captain enjoying some downtime off watch.

Everyday life aboard…Baxter enjoying his french toast breakfast, Daniel reviewing the Bahamas charts and John reading Surfer's Journal.
Daniel made a tasty loaf of bread.  It was gone before the end of the day.
Japanese car carrier in the channel as we pulled into Brunswick.
Kala keeping an eye on the land…making sure we don't take off again before she gets to run her paws through some fresh grass.
Enjoying some great beer at Tipsy's in Brunswick.  Cheers to a great passage!


Tom Nichols said...

Glad you had a safe passage! You'll enjoy Brunswick and the marina is amazing - Sherri, Cindy, and George are the best!

Alaska Yacht Charter said...

Hi, I think you guys enjoy the sea a lot. Sailing in sea with friends is very enjoyable. This sailing adventure looks fantastic.
Thanks for this post.

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