Sunday, January 7, 2018

La Creperie

When we were in St Barth's in January 2017 with Edd, Becca, Mary, Brent, Regina, and Amado and we had lunch at La Creperie and it was a culinary masterpiece.  It was the very best thing I have ever eaten - ever.  Since then I have been on a hunt to find the same flavors and tastiness in a crepe but to no avail.

So, on a cold, rainy day in Paris, we decided to take a class and learn the art of making crepes so we can make this deliciousness ourselves.  We ventured to Le Marais district in Paris and Gaby and her brother Carlos taught us everything we need to know to make crepes and galettes, and the differences between them.  Now...we are on the hunt for the proper tools (the pan and the spatula).  Below is the recipe Gaby sent us for la crepe parfait - let us know if you are inspired to make your own.

When I make these on Terrapin, I will substitute aquafaba for the eggs and dairy-free milk and butter.  Some subs for easy reference are 250g=1 cup; 500ml=2 cups

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