Sunday, August 20, 2017

Cultural Submersion

As we walk down the dock in La Coruna, we are the only American boat on our dock (only two in the entire marina) and there are a variety of boats from all over the world.

It is best to look at the country flag or the hailing port of the boat to know the appropriate greeting as you walk along:
Buenos Dias - Espagne
Bonjour - French
Allo - Swedish
Nice morning, eh - Canadian
G’day - Irish
?? - Polish
Guten Morgan - German

It is definitely nice to know that we are submerged in these cultures and everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful.  Sometimes conversations are an art in body language and learning but regardless it is always fun.  We also have the opportunity to have discussions with different boats regarding areas to sail in different countries.  We are able to make plans and change plans to visit certain places or marinas based on these recommendations.  It is information that we just can’t get out of reading books or looking at maps.  

Just another benefit of sailing new places, meeting new people and submersing ourselves in their culture.

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Sabrina and Tom said...

Meeting new people and cultures - that is it for us

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