Monday, May 29, 2017

Cuba Videos

We are so lucky to have had our own personal documentarion - Dan - along with us as we traveled from the BVI to Cuba.  All kidding aside, Dan was nice enough not only to take these pics and videos, but he worked really hard on splicing them all together and making them available here.  Enjoy!!

Passage to Havana - A nice compilation of the sail from the BVI to Havana.  It took approximately 8 days - mostly dead downwind, gybing with the spinnaker or jib pole.

Finca la vigia - Ernest Hemingway's house just outside Havana.  Great history and if you have seen the movie, "Papa", it gives you a really good perspective.  If you haven't seen the movie, I definitely recommend it.

Castille de Morro - The stronghold castle at the edge of the Havana harbor.  Again, lots of history including British invasions

Bueno Vista Social Club - The performance at La Guajirita.  Taste of very cool Cuban music with roots in African and Latino culture.

Cars - Most 1950s American cars can now be found somewhere between Guantanamo Bay and is a sample.

Fellow Travelers - Sometimes we have "hitch hikers" who climb aboard Terrapin or ride along with us for a while.  Dan did a good job of capturing just a few of these friends.

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