Friday, December 23, 2016

St. Barth's Part Duex

Found a phone booth at Le Select
Kala's reward after every hike - surfing with her tennis ball
Our favorite Presidente - anyone care to move here?
Sure we had pics of Maltese Falcon at anchor in BVI - in St Barth's, we can watch her under way.  Notice the reefed sails (not all the way up) - like I said, winds have been high.
Our normal sundown celebration on the bow - fruity rum drink, almonds and cheese
Overlooking Anse de Colombier
The east (other) side of Colombier.  The swell is usually flat.  
Millions of fish in the sea...
Colombier on left, Ile Forchue in background on left....Africa is a couple (tens of) of thousand miles to right.
What a great life - swimming, hiking and Mom and Dad 24/7...I'm a happy girl.

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Mary Wootton said...

Um, I really do think you're in heaven, wow! Gonna have to try one of those Presidente's in February! Kala looks like the happiest dog ever, well and you guys too :)

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