Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life Aboard Does Not Suck.

As Thanksgiving approaches and it seems the entire U.S. East Coast is miserably cold and windy, we are here in the BVI adjusting to our new house and current neighborhood.

We love living aboard Terrapin, but there is some adjustment required...

Our laundry is now usually down out of a bucket and dried on the life lines.

Our mornings are reserved for getting in a workout - whether it be paddle boarding, pilates, or swimming.  No gym required.

Of course, we also take Kala to shore about 4 times per day - no more doggie door.  She can run on the beach, play with coconuts, maybe have a party with her buddies.  The shore trip includes going as fast as possible in the dinghy (it's better than a car ride with the windows down.)

There are ALWAYS boat projects - something to be fixed, something to be cleaned, something to be maintained…it is never-ending.  When we were on the passage from Hampton, I made a full page list of just things that came up on those twelve days.  I have not had the ambition to even look at it.  Procrastination is my good friend at the moment but I guess, inevitably, we need to embrace the project list because nothing is going to fix itself.

Our SIRIUS Satellite radio doesn't get a signal here but we have Caribbean Radio (92.3) which they say has the islands only "rum powered transmitter". Hummmmm...

The afternoons pose the quandary of what fun will we partake in today….kiteboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, or hiking.  If there is another fun attraction specific only to our current location, of course, we would like to check that out as well.

However, there are things you have to worry about that never come up on land.  How much wind does that squall coming this way pack?  Will this mooring ball/anchor hold?  Are the hatches closed?  Is that charter boat near us secure?  How are our batteries - do we have electricity?  Do we have enough water?  When will we need propane to cook with?

Since we've had a boat for years, we understand the challenges, accept them and are committed to make this lifestyle work… not like it's that hard!  Adjusting to it doesn't take long and is a welcome change.

Our dryer
Rig Inspection

Daily exercise

Dinghy Driver

Hiking Virgin Gorda

The view is worth the climb

Nasty bugs

Yes, we did go for a dip in that pool!

Kala's current bestir
Our sweet girl.  She owns me!
Nothing but fun about to happen!

Kala would not trade her dinghy for anything in the world!

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