Thursday, August 22, 2013


The term “projecting” (pronounced “project-ing”) is a climbing term that describes the process by which a climber works on a climb, usually climbing small sections at a time, until they are able to climb the entire route without falling, Some climbs go quickly with a few tries or few days and some can take years to complete. The idea is obviously not unique to climbing and I’m sure that anyone tackling a complex project that requires many steps, extended periods of work or skill building to master can understand.

Sailing has been a great lesson in projecting but in our case the goal is a moving target.   Every time we get one process refined and arrive at what we think is the end of one adventure, the experience takes a turn and we continue farther down the rabbit hole. Our “project” initially started as day-sailing in San Diego, expanded to passage-making, then living aboard to professional licenses and now selling-up to run away to sea… or at least to the coast. Seems like for us projecting has become an addiction that we can't quit.

Video: Steve sailing his Valiant 40 "S/V Chandara" on the way to the Chesapeake.

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